DCQS Ltd was pleased to hear of the success of the Bharat Forge, Pune, in securing a ‘multi-year’ contract with Boeing to supply titanium forgings for wing components for the Next- Generation 737 and 737 MAX. 

Established in 1961, Bharat Forge is a multinational company based in Pune, India, which specialises in technologically advanced metal forming. The company serves the automotive, oil and gas, power, construction and mining, locomotive, marine, power and aerospace markets, with manufacturing plants in nine locations.

Managing Director, Doug Campbell, first met the Kalyani family in 2001, while working with the company to produce components for Perkins Engines UK. An initial contract worth $30,000 grew to $156 million with Caterpillar Inc. over a 10 year period as the company mastered strict process requirements and developed high levels of expertise.

 We would like to wish Baba, Amit, Subhodh and the rest of the Bharat Forge team continuing success in the aerospace sector.